Creativity, Delivery, & Pricing

Every project involves three elements. Think about it. You can’t have two of the three and expect to be happy. Every order must contain each of these components in order to deliver the right item for you.

The following are also included in your price or offered by our team:
* Order Accuracy
* Responsive Service
* Simplified Order Processing
* Fulfillment
* Customized Solutions


Public Identity works with the nation’s top colleges and universities utilizing its considerable experience and knowledge of sound licensing practices to assist its collegiate partners manage their licensing programs to promote the production of quality, licensed products. 
Each college and university are unique with regard to its campus, student body, athletic department, fan base, values, and philosophy. And so are there individual brands. We ensure product quality, availability, and selection for college fans and consumers while maintaining brand integrity.





Conference Sponsorship

Public Identity interacts in meaningful and effective ways at national and regional conferences. We exhibit and partner with the associations to meet their goals and objectives. Our corporate sponsorship allows us to participate in some of the conference activities and provide promotional and information materials for participants.