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Keith Wilson, aka Promo Genie, Promotes New Tech Product


Keith Wilson, aka, Promo Genie, launched his latest video promoting the hottest new technology item in the promo market. It’s called The Engagement Ring and it adheres to the back of your smart phone. It not only provides multiple impressions each day but serves as insurance for your phone. If you connect it to your […]

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Humble Beginnings

Before Founder and CEO, Leland Felsenthal, joined the promotional product industry in 1998 he drove a VW Bus from California to the East Coast. A care free time in one person’s life and before a career and responsibility set in.

Over thirteen years Public Identity now has 2000+ customers and it’s tough to meet everyone face-to-face. One can dream. Our dream is to take $1.00 from every order and put it away so that someday we have enough money to purchase an RV or bus and travel from coast-to-coast and visit as many customers as we can.